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> Curious if we need lldb-test for this.  Could we get by with just using lldb 
> in batch mode?  Obviously I'm not opposed to adding whatever we need to 
> lldb-test, just want to make sure it's something that can't already be done 
> with just lldb.

There are a couple of things which make this tricky. Neither of them in 
insurmountable I think, but together they add up:

- without the `%p` substitution it would be hard to perform an absolute-path 
- the "auto-clear" and "auto-dump" behavior is quite handy to avoid repetition 
in the tests
- the output format can  be tweaked to enable easy FileCheck-ing ("At least one 
breakpoint location"), and can be independent of the actual format we want to 
present to the users.

Comment at: lit/Breakpoint/case-insensitive.test:1
+# REQUIRES: windows
zturner wrote:
> OSX has a case insensitive file system too.  Should we run this test on OSX 
> as well?
Yes, but they don't do case-insensitive matches by default. This matches the 
logic of the original test, which matches the logic of the code inside lldb. If 
the lldb implementation changes, then the test will need to be updated.

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