Actually, I am trying to remote-debug from lldb(win host) to 
lldb-server(arm/x64 linux). In my case, The problem is that no lldb-sever-4.0 
is available(I only have lldb-server 3.8 for arm/x64 linux). 
Q) lldb 4.0 and lldb-server 3.8 are compatible each other?
Thank you

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2016. 9. 22. 오후 12:23 Zachary Turner <> 작성:

> Does the 4.0 binary not work for you?  It is the first release that contains 
> prebuilt lldb binary.  Probably you are one of the first people to test it, 
> so if you encounter problems, let me know what they are.
> The version of windows shouldn't matter as long as you are Win7 or higher.  
> No vista.
>> On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 8:22 PM Chunseok Lee via lldb-dev 
>> <> wrote:
>> Is there any prebuilt lldb binary for windows7?
>> I tried snapshot llvm binary 3.8, but it does not include lldb. Note that 
>> latest prebuilt(4.0) contains lldb.
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