Thank you for kind help. 
It seems to work nicely(from lldb4.0(win) to lldbserver3.8) for me. 

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2016. 9. 22. 오후 7:45 Pavel Labath <> 작성:

> On 22 September 2016 at 04:51, Chunseok Lee via lldb-dev
> <> wrote:
>> Actually, I am trying to remote-debug from lldb(win host) to
>> lldb-server(arm/x64 linux). In my case, The problem is that no
>> lldb-sever-4.0 is available(I only have lldb-server 3.8 for arm/x64 linux).
>> Q) lldb 4.0 and lldb-server 3.8 are compatible each other?
> The gdb-remote protocol is generally backward-compatible, but this
> isn't a configuration that we are explicitly testing. I think there is
> a good chance that it will work, but if it doesn't you're on your own.
> :)
> pl
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