At the moment, I'm seeing two issues with the unit tests on my machine.

First, TestBase.LaunchModePreservesEnvironment is failing:

> [ RUN      ] TestBase.LaunchModePreservesEnvironment
> /Users/vsk/src/llvm.org-lldbsan/llvm/tools/lldb/unittests/tools/lldb-server/tests/LLGSTest.cpp:30:
>  Failure
> Value of: 
> llvm::detail::TakeExpected(Client.GetLatestStopReplyAs<StopReplyExit>())
> Expected: succeeded with value (is an object whose given property is equal to 
> 2-byte object <00-00>)
>   Actual: succeeded with value 16-byte object <10-60 A7-04 01-00 00-00 01-00 
> 00-00 00-00 00-30>, whose given property is 2-byte object <00-01>(is an 
> object whose given property isn't equal to 2-byte object <00-00>)
> [  FAILED  ] TestBase.LaunchModePreservesEnvironment (67 ms)

I filed https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36494 to track the issue.

Second, TestClient::SendMessage is generating quite a lot of "INFO" output 
which clutters up the terminal. Pavel, would you mind if I removed this logging?

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