>Looking at FileOutputStream::write in svn head I see that if
>doesn't return APR_SUCCESS, it throws an IOException with the write
>status. I am not familar enough with the code to see who/what should
catch that, 
>but to work like 0.9.7 I'd expect it to be caught at some appropriate
level to 
>disable that particular appender. (Maybe in WriterAppender::append?) If
>exception is not caught perhaps it is the crash you see.

We're using 0.9.7 in fact, under FreeBSD. Our case is bit more
complicated in that we are using log4cxx in a C application, with
wrapper functions to let us call the log4cxx functions from our C layer.
Maybe we need to catch this IOException in our wrapper functions? I'll
have to investigate this. Thanks for the idea.


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