Does anyone know the date or approximate date for the release of 2.17.2?

We are trying to get rid of log4j 1.x usage in various products by using
the log4j2 bridge. One of the products is Pentaho spoon.  The Pentaho
vendor is working on their code to get rid of log4j 1.x dependencies, but
they don't expect that to be until june.

To solve the problem more immediately we tried the log4j2 bridge version
2.17.1.  However, an exception is thrown (LogLog class not found) when
Pentaho spoon startsup.  LogLog was added in the 2.17.2-SNAPSHOT release
and I was able to successfully run Pentaho spoon with it!  So thanks.

However, my security team will surely ask me when the full-blown log4j
2.17.2 will be released before they accept this solution.

Thanks to all of you!

Info on the 2.17.2 release...

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