There is no specific release date. We have a set of Jira issues that we want to 
include in the release. Once those are all resolved the release will be 

I do not anticipate it taking too much longer at this point, although I had 
the release would have already been done by now.


> On Feb 9, 2022, at 4:18 PM, Steve Souza <> wrote:
> Does anyone know the date or approximate date for the release of 2.17.2?
> We are trying to get rid of log4j 1.x usage in various products by using
> the log4j2 bridge. One of the products is Pentaho spoon.  The Pentaho
> vendor is working on their code to get rid of log4j 1.x dependencies, but
> they don't expect that to be until june.
> To solve the problem more immediately we tried the log4j2 bridge version
> 2.17.1.  However, an exception is thrown (LogLog class not found) when
> Pentaho spoon startsup.  LogLog was added in the 2.17.2-SNAPSHOT release
> and I was able to successfully run Pentaho spoon with it!  So thanks.
> However, my security team will surely ask me when the full-blown log4j
> 2.17.2 will be released before they accept this solution.
> Thanks to all of you!
> Info on the 2.17.2 release...

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