When I validate my config by using 

I notice most is there but the Loggers don’t have the AppenderRef entries.

Why is that?

When debugging I can see that when I call something like


in the debugger under Logger I can see it has a Component with the AppenderRef 
and the attributes of this ref match the name of the Appender
that appears as an Appender in Appenders off the ConfigurationBuilder.

ie. the Loggers components has both the attribute “ref” -> “appenderName” and 
the component is a AppenderRef pluginType

Why then does it choose to not include any AppenderRef for the logger in the 
Xml it’s showing me?

This is what my code looks like

RootLoggerComponentBuilder rootLogger = 

after this it will show a root logger in the XML with no AppenderRef

Similar for all other subsequent loggers.

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