On 15/06/2001 at 09:17 +0100, Dean wrote:
>Are there any plans for a group of London PMer's to fly over together
>or is
>the whole thing going to be ad hoc?

Not yet, no. (Oh, and what are the cheapest flights from London City?
Living in skanky East London's got to be good for *something*.)

>I know i asked this before but with the success of the NY trip i was
>someone would be feeling ambitious and volenter... (Although i worked at
>Oven and hence can't organize a pissup in a brewery :))

Organising anything for London.pm once a year is enough. (Oh, did the
pub evaluation sessions happen this week, or did I miss something?)

Anyway, I thought Oven's pissup/brewery exercise went very well,
although it could be no-one remembers because of absinthe poisoning.

On 15/06/2001 at 09:17 +0100, David Cantrell wrote:

>That's odd, I'm sure I remember Oven doing at least that one thing well!

See, that absinthe's powerful stuff.

:: paul
:: 'aggressive is a big M - and the misses generally
::  don't survive aeroplane crashes.' dadadodo

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