More on XML/XSLT/seperation of roles philosophy


Ian Brayshaw wrote:
> <snip type="inevitable love/hate circular debate"/>
> I was going to stay quiet on this one (still don't know why I am now joining
> in).
> I am finding XSLT & XML to be a good alternative to normal templating
> techniques. One of the biggest benifits I've found is being able to generate
> the one data set and have it rendered in different ways for different
> applications. I presume this is possible in TT2. H::T has the drawback of
> only allowing substitutions for tags defined in the template. Changing the
> template to render say a reduced set of data typically involves changing
> code.
> I'm also free to choose my transformation platform, using something like
> XML::LibXML or Saxon on the server side, or just throwing it straight to the
> user and letting their browser take care of the rest.
> Don't think DW jockeys will like the XSLT, but I'm fortunate in not having
> to deal with them.
> My 0.02
> Ian
> (... trying desparately to avoid joining the XML bandwagon ...)
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