> Best idea that I came up whilst thinking about it last night was to
> configure majordomo to automatically add an 'X-No-Archive' header to
> all mails on the list. But even that only avoids archives that play by
> the rules.

Seems like a good idea to me. The fact that mailing lists are ultimately not
private forums doesn't mean we can't try to establish a degree of privacy.
There strikes me as being a massive qualatative difference between  someone
searching for my name and a company's name to see what I've been saying
about that company, and someone having to find out what mailing lists I'm
on, and then subscribe to and read the lists waiting to see what I say.

Leon brought up the matter of conversations in pubs. There's no reason why
someone coulnd't hire a sleuth to turn up to the london.pm meeting posing as
a new member and get them to find out who's saying what. But that's a big
leap to take, and not an argument for saying that all conversations in pubs
should be considered public knowledge just because that's a technical

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