>Speaking from a personal standpoint, I really enjoy the
>technical meetings and think more of them would be really beneficial[2].  
>I think they represent a lot of what we are us to and show that we're 
>all not just talk 'n booze.  Hence I'm anxious to see them succeed.

I'd like to be able to attend your technical meetings, since compared to the
majority of you lot I'm pretty green, having only been using perl for just
over eighteen months. And this:

>Bath.pm roots showing.  We used to discuss a fair amount of technical
>(but not necessary perl related) stuff.  From this, I quickly progressed
>into the well rounded perl programmer I am today[3]

Works for me as a testimonial to *.pm tech meetings. Tech meetings good.
Learning things from sharp people good.

So how do That.pm feel about some northern tyke scuttling down to join you
for the odd beer and tech meeting on a sort of semi-regular basis?


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