Roger Burton West wrote:
> On or about Tue, Jan 30, 2001 at 09:23:38AM +0000, Jonathan 
> Stowe typed:
> >Does anyone have any feelings to delegating the DNS to 
> >servers under our own control at some juncture ?
> I'll be happy to provide secondary - box is in Mailbox's 
> Fulham location.
> See also

Granitecanyon? The boxes that are chronically down? Which resulted in me
getting mail from the domain registry telling me to get a working nameserver
up with thein week or they might yank the domain? Where noone seems to care
about support.

Granitecanyon -- where You Get What You Pay For. IMO, at least.


(What use is a place where you can put anything you like in your zone files
if the things are down half the time?)

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