On Fri, Feb 02, 2001 at 11:33:24AM -0600, Elaine -HFB- Ashton wrote:
> Michael Stevens [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] quoth:
> *>My problem with some of the CGI stuff is that it sounds like the
> *>equivalent of a mechanic saying "well, when changing oil, it's not
> *>that important what you put in - any oily liquid will work"[1].
> You could try corn syrup...once. :)

"Corn syrup" still sounds like something that would taste of wheat. I
was talking to someone on a talker about this today, but they said they hadn't
found anything in the UK yet that included it, so I have no reference
whatsoever for what it is, apart from the fact I'm told it's sugary.

(apparently some countries put it in cola).

(pedantry: There *are* applications where bad programming could kill. I
don't think any of us work in them, but I'm pretty sure they exist.)


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