So, was that fun or what?

Thanks to everyone who turned up and a special thanks for everyone
who made it possible - Damian (obviously), Merijn Broeren, Mike Davis,
Paul Mison and Andy Williams (for paying for the hall) and the 
unnameable organisation who brought Damian to London in the first 

Our next meeting is on Thursday. I know you might be suffering from
too much Perl Mongers, but please bear in mind that we need to spend
at least 250 in this pub the Dave Cantrell has booked for us, so every
little helps :)

Oh, and I've had a quick look at and and wish to
raise a bug against It doesn't actually convert stuff to
Morse Code, just to something that _looks_ like Morse Code.

See you Thursday,


p.s. And don't get me started on my nightmare journey. I thought that
all night buses went thru Trafalgar Sq - the N19 doesn't :(

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