On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 07:17:06PM +0000, Jon Eyre wrote:
> On Tue, 6 Mar 2001, Greg McCarroll wrote:
> > > Mallrats, 
> > 
> > His best film
> Nooooo! Smith pimpz his talents out to the Mouse, 
> and the end result: A John Hughes movie with 
> buttfscking jokes...

Which is exactly what makes it his best film.  

If it makes you feel any better he claims he had to make it so that he
could keep those influences out of:

> > > Chasing Amy 
> > 
> > His ``worst'' film
> This is *real cinema* - mind you it has extra resonance fr me, because I
> used to date a lesbian (or at least that was the excuse she gave me...)

But she has such an annoying voice.  The first time I saw it I didn't
notice and got wrapped up in the story.  The second time I just about
made it through, and though I can watch it again, but it's never my
first choice.

> Anyone else drink too much and wake up on a train in the middle of 
> Hampshire thursday night? Or was it just me..?

I didn't, but I did have this terrible habit of getting mildly tipsy
with london.pm, and then waking up the next morning in Birmingham.  I
managed to reduce the ugliness by moving.

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