> a) a two reasons why this module should never have been written, and

1. It's redundant, other modules do this already.
2. MM DD YY is an evil date format, and should be abolished in favour of DD
MM YY which is more sensible.

> b) as many flaws as possible in the implementation.

No use strict
Only requires 5.000 but makes use of 'our' keyword, which requires, err,
Doesn't localise variables in subs
Appallingly long string of elsifs
Doesn't use localtime when he should
does $foo = $array[4]; without commenting what @array might contain
In case of error, returns an error string consisting of the helpful message

Oh it's dreadful. We need quality control on CPAN before more of this gets

> Dave...
> [with his nasty, bitchy head on]

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