At 11:56 29/03/2001 +0100, Jonathan Peterson wrote:
> > I think the money aspect is very important. This isn't YAS,
> > it's supposed to
> > be a professional qualification for professional programmers.
> > £300 sounds
> > like a good number for me. "If it only costs a fiver then
> > what good can it
> > be" will be the PHB's attitude, I've seen this often.
>Yes, you are right. However, given the, ah, aversity of many perl programs
>to getting certified, I'd like to remove barriers to entry. If we can get
>the 'professional' stamp by sticking names like O'Reilly (Or Microsoft - why
>not?) on the certificates, and then charge less, I think that would be
>better. But if not, then I agree a charge (mayb more 50 than 300?!) can have
>a similar effect.

Maybe two levels ?

1. Tests as part of a course package are cheap. You already have the 
infrastructure set up and authorised trainers can administer the test.

2. Standalone test are more expensive. You have to have dedicated hardware 
and testing environments. What about getting those guys that do the Novell 
& Microsoft exams [pause for web search] Prometric to do it. They already 
have all the infrastructure.


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