On Wed, Apr 04, 2001 at 04:15:21PM +0100, Leon Brocard wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] sent the following bits through the ether:
> > test.  can you read this one, or is it attached?  This is in Microsoft
> > Outlook Rich Text.  The previous mails have been sent in Plain Text.  
> Okay, you have a 17-line corporate .signature. This means that every
> post from you must contain at least 17 lines of Perl/Buffy-related
> discussion or you'll get killfiled ;-)

Surely s/you/that address/ ?

And as I would assume that it's mandatory that anything coming from an
ubsw.com address has that sort of disclaimer on it, wouldn't it be easier
to obtain an address outside ubsw.com so that you can avoid having the
disclaimer in the first place?

Otherwise at least 17 lines of on-topic discussion per message is going to
unacceptably increase the signal to noise on this list, I'd guess.

Nicholas Clark
ENOJOB: http://plum.flirble.org/~nick/CV.html

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