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> On Fri, 13 Apr 2001, you wrote:
> > I just saw this ...
> > 
> > http://www.jenerator.org/images/jh1.gif
> > 
> > and thought it was the coolest letter head i had seen, have you seen
> > a better one?
> yeah yeah yeah .. never mind that .. 
> I think the content of the letter was more disturbing. I mean I always
> thought Kermit was a Nice Guy(tm) .. but it looks like he got his Land
> Sharks to write to someone threatening all sorts of heavy legal stuff
> just for registering the domain muppetfucker.net .. damm I wish I had
> thought of that one :)
> I shall see Kermit in a whole different light now .. outside a cute green
> frog .. inside a corporate power monger.

i cant really agree with you on this one - you create a business based
on some cuddly childrens (yes folks they are mean't for children) 
puppet shows and someone decides to make on the face of it an adult 
derived publication (website) from it

i think i'm with henson here

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