> >Here's a pretty fundamental issue. Why do so many people 
> >seem to think that low taxes are good?
> Because many people think that they are better judges of how their own
> money should be spent than the government (of whatever flavour) is.

This is something I've always wondered about. Given the economy of scale
etc, how do people think that they could get a cheaper service individually?
Hiring a few guys in a lorry to come to their house once a week and cart off
their rubbish, security guards to make sure your house isn't robbed, paying
for construction workers to fix holes in your road, private school and
medicine and so on. Has anybody worked out how much it would cost to buy the
same services as a private citizen compared to the cost that the state
charges in tax?

Also, how is a privately-run service more efficient if you have shareholders
creaming money off the top. Enlighten me.

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