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> > I seem to remember an extremely soft porn-ish film with julie andrews
> > at one stage, all i can remember is giant toy soldiers. I don't think
> > porn is even the right title it was more just weird.
> You're thinking of the "comedy" S.O.B., where a film director decides his
> wife (played by Julie Andrews)should go topless to increase the film's
> rating and the director's flagging career. Oddly enough the film is directed
> by Andrew's husband at the time, Blake Edwards. Life imitating art or visa
> versa?

Art imitating artist's life, to some extent.  S.O.B. is somewhat based
on the events surrounding the Edwards/Andrews film Darling Lili.  Which
is nowhere near as bad as its reputation.

The only really pornish thing in S.O.B. is that Julie actually bares her
breasts at one point.  Pretty lady, Julie Andrews.

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