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>Another gem from Perlmonks. I'm thinking I should post this one to the
>Cookwood board :)

It was in the unforgettable episode on 23rd May when bk said:

"Yay! You have now totally redeemed yourself in my mind. I'm sorry... I 
seem to have missed the class on the usage of the different kinds of OR 

Since then Bk and Dave's relationship has got better and better, with 
smiley faces common place and good humour generally prevalent. But does Bk 
harbour underlying resentment? Is he luring Dave into a false sense of 
security? Has his programming actually improved any?

It's better than enders!

Oh, and I think the thing about readdir returning the first entry of an 
array in scalar context is dumb. That isn't DWIM. Returning the number of 
entries in the directory would be about a million times more sensible 
(especially if it didn't count . and .. as entries).

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