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> You'll have noticed, I hope, that next Thursday is both our June meeting and
> a General Election. I hope you'll all go and vote before the meeting so you
> don't have to dash off before the polling stations close :)
> Someone (Paul?) mentioned a couple of weeks ago that it might be nice if we
> could all go somewhere after the pub to watch the results come in and...

Ah, its been ages since I had an ``election night party'', COUNT me in!
(geddit, _count_, as in vote count! *lol*, i kill myself ;-) )

> er... "celebrate" another victory for the christian democrats. If anyone
> still thinks this is a good idea, then I'm happy to offer my house as a
> venue for this. I suggest we leave the pub at about 9:30pm and get the tube
> back to mine, stopping at Threshers en route.

Is that so you can pick up some champagne, for labour's particular
brand of socialism ;-)


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