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> > I understand folk singers sometime place a finger over their ear
> > whilst singing. Perhaps Mr Bragg should try that. I doubt it would
> > improve his singing, but at least it would stop him twanging that
> > guitar ...
> I don't think you could call Billy Bragg a folk singer. His more
> aptly titled moniker of "Bard of Barking" is probably more
> representative of what he does. Tells stories set to music. he might
> not be the best singer in the world, but then it never stop Bob
> Dylan or Jimi Hendrix. each to their own I suppose.

Look, I'm not saying Bragg's voice is pretty. But his pitching is
accurate, his tunes are good, his songwriting is immaculate and you
can tell what he's singing. Same goes for his Bobness too come to

Piers Cawley

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