* at 14/06 14:55 +0100 Leo Lapworth said:
> Well, as has been muttered about I am redoing the London.pm.org website.
> And yes it DOES need a faq, I have the start of one, but would very much 
> love someone else to finish it off.
> So, If anyone is up for it give me a yell and I'll email you the XML 
> that needs populating.
> The website development is a dictatorship (e.g. we want it done this year 
> so I'm not taking any comments or suggestions until after it's gone live), 
> so no starting of huge discussions about what should go in a FAQ, if your 
> interested and have an opinion, contact me and you can do it! :)
> Infact now I think about it, 2 faq's would be good.
> 1) London.pm - the FAQs
> 2) General - like where to buy books online / hardware etc
> So maybe there are two people out there who want to write these.

er, i'll go for the general one... 


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