Welcome to a supplementary issue of the LCN for the month of June.
This post contains details that have changed or been announced since the
June LCN that was dispatched at (gasp) the start of June.

The User Groups:

Home Page: http://gllug.linux.co.uk/
Greater London Linux User Group's (GLLUG) purpose is to bring together
London's Linux users so they can share experiences and expertise (or
revel in their inexperience and quest for expertise), to chat about
the state of the (Linux) world, that sort of thing.
We try to arrange meets so that there is space for users to set up
their equipment, so you are welcome to bring your kit along, either to
go through the problems you are having or just to show off what you
are up to.

Next GLLUG (Greater London Linux User Group) will be at the same place
(FrameStore) CFC Preview Theatre, 19-23 Wells St., London W1, on
23/06/01 Starting at 1pm and ending at 6pm.
We have three talks:
Mike Brodbelt
A discussion of mail systems, with particular reference to IMAP server
implementations, and the advantages of using IMAP solutions. Technical
detail on the specifics of an IMAP implementation using the Cyrus IMAP
Richard Cohen
Introduction to the Shell:
Aimed at people who are either new to Linux, or who have spent most of
their time in graphical environments. An attempt to introduce people to
the richness and power of the Linux and Unix shell, and some of the more
useful standard tools.  Lots of examples, both useful and silly.
Simon Trimmer
An Introduction to Linux Kernel Debugging:
A practical talk with information and techniques targeted at the mid
range of Linux experience (i.e. comfortable systems administrator
through to beginner developer). The talk will cover the basics and probe
some more advanced areas of kernel debugging, in particular exploring
the types of crashes/lockups with methods for diagnosing problems. 
There are no formalities to attending a GLLUG meeting, no subscription
or entry fees, you can just turn up on the day. We welcome and
encourage new and inexperienced users, young and old.

The GLLUG venue this month is an indoor private preview Theatre owned by
CFC and Framestore and once again our thanks go out for letting us use it
for the day.

London Perl Mongers
Home Page: http://www.london.pm.org
Contact Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
London PM are a group who are dedicated to the encouragement of all things
Perl-like in London.
The technical meeting is on the 21/06/01 and is being held once more at the
very kind and understanding State51.

Outside London Events:
YAPC is "yet another Perl conference", with apologies to The Perl
Conference. This is an inexpensive, grassroots Perl conference with its
roots in the Perl Mongers Perl users groups, and is supported by Yet
Another Society.
This years conference is Thursday, 02/08/2001 -- 04/08/2001 and is located
in Amsterdam. More details can be found here:

The conference registration has now opened and tickets are available (While
stocks last) so make sure you don't wait too long. I don't know of any
plans to send a London delegation (ala last years OSDEM) so make your
plans quick :)

UKUUG Linux Developers' Conference:
This is on 29 June - 1 July 2001. It looks like one of the most fun
events this year and with the list of speakers attending it should be on
your essential list.

Today is the last day to get a discount on entry fees so don't forget.

Other Stuff:

London Geeknic
John "Spare time" Hearns has bravely organised the first London
Geeknic for this weekend. Expect much humour, laptops and coders bursting
into dust under the rays of the day star.

What - the Geeknic is a Geek Picnic.
Date - Sunday 17th June
Time - 12:30  onwards

Place - General Wolff's Statue, adjacent to the Observatory, Greenwich
Park (this is a terrace overlooking London, right next to the one o'clock
time signal)

Bring - picnic food, cool drinks, and lashings of ginger beer Plus sun screen
and hats (ha! bet it rains....)

Activities - bring frisbees, softball, kites, nerf guns and any other
fun things to do.

Alternate activities - there is a craft market in Greenwich, and nice
restaurants and pubs for later on.

Computing - palmtops and laptops OK, but these shouldn't form the focus
of the day. I may well have a car there, so we could consider hauling
in a power supply.

How to find us - follow the sign of the Inflatable Penguin
(seriously though, we should be in the vicinity of the observatory. IT
won't be too hard to spot a bunch of geeks and inflatable penguins in
Greenwich Park)

(Thanks to SuSE for a six foot inflatable penguin!)


HTH and can someone bring a football to the geeknic...

Profanity is the one language all programmers understand
   --- Anon

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