Leo Lapworth wrote:
> 2) Oh, yea, make your designers code and your coders design, 
>    that'll make for a good site - honest.

Though if the designers have some idea of what is and what isn't
possible/easy to implement, maybe we wouldn't have so many image roll-overs,
blank one-pixel GIFs, tables within tables withing tables, etc.

> 3) "see the web through users' eyes" - easy, they can't all 
>    see it - does that mean you don't have to do anything ?

"Users will say: I don't have Flash and don't want to download it.
Therefore, I should leave out the Flash bits of the site. Users will say: I
read that JavaScript can expose security holes, so I'll turn it off.
Therefore, I will make all my navigation work without JavaScript turned on."

Sounds like a good idea to me so far.

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