Quoting Simon Wistow ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
> I was hoping for a lovely cheap flight from London City to Amsterdam but
> VLM (who I can get cheap flight from) only fly to Rotterdam :( 

> There are flights to Amsterdam from there but they're about 120 quid :(
> Will try and see if I can get cheapo flight through my contacts.

Rotterdam is my favourite airport to fly to in Holland, together with
Maastricht. It will take you about 4 minutes to get from your plane seat
to your taxi seat. No kidding. 1 minute to walk to the building, 1
minute queuing with the other 20 passengers for the two customs
officials, 1 minute waiting for your bag, 1 minute walking to your taxi. 

It will cost you 15 guilders (less then 5 pounds) to get to the central
station with a taxi in 5 minutes, then about 30 guilders (less then 10
pounds) to get to Amsterdam in 1 hour. (45 minutes and you will be
passing Schiphol airport). I will bet you that the moment you pass
Schiphol, the people that landed at the same time are still walking to
their luggage, for which they will have to wait another half hour. If it
arrived there, and didn't send to Timbuktu. 

Plus you don't have to sit between the stag|hen-party-goes-Amsterdam
easyjet, or heaven forbid even worse London.pm, rabble. :-) I really
like checing in as well, with 20 people on a flight it is the most
relaxing thing ever, especially compared with the Easyjet approach of
let's open the free-seating for all check-in 20 minutes before we close 
for these 400 people now. Or when we finish our nailpolish. 

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