* Leo Lapworth ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Well, I'm now 'official' all the way, flights and hotel.
> Easyjey seem to have worked it out and have put up the flight
> costs by a couple of quid (71 inc card charg of 3 quid)!

still thats not bad

what i think they do is start cheap then slowly raise the price
as seats get booked up

i'm wondering how many London.pm are going to be on this flight

shit i just had a thought, do easy jet serve drinks? do they?
please say they do? *panic starts to set in* ;-)

> Oh, Grep, I'm up for that AD & D one evening, though haven't
> played for years.

Sounds good, i'll pencil in your name and contact you closer
to the time about your character. I've already thought
up some of what the adventure will be about and It won't
be for the faint hearted! 

Greg McCarroll                      

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