Dear Fabian,
I got the same opinion like harald, you and some others.
NT4 is not supported from Microsoft, a long time ago.
AD is the only possibility. So NT4 should go.
As Harald said, NetBios is only part of compatibilty with old systems.
But this should be very rare. WINS should be the same.

The shift from Samba 3 to 4 is very welcome.

The other topics should be okay from my point of view.
I scrolled through all of it and they seems to be okay.


Maik Wienströer




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Dear all,

taking a look at

You will notice that it's time to review the current LPIC-300 objectives to 
ensure they are still up to date. Therefore I'd like you all to share your 
thoughts about our current objectives with the list, including wishes what 
should be changed in the next update. We have however to obey that it will be 
"minor update", so we can't fundamentally turn the while exam around.

Some things we should discuss from my point of view would be:

 * Relevance of NT4 domains vs. AD domains
 * Same for NBNS vs. DNS
 * Shift from Samba 3 to Samba 4 (which shouldn't cause too much trouble, 

However, I don't want to limit the discussion on these points. Just go ahead 
and point out what you think. As usual, I will comment when necessary and 
condense all the comments into a draft for potential updated objectives which 
we will then review altogether again.

Looking forward to an interesting discussion,


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