On 21/09/2016 12:58, Bryan Smith wrote:
> They used to say the same thing about NSS/389/Dogtag.  Now every
> distribution is hacking in support for SSSD and IPA.  Why is that? ;)
> E.g.., how many people used to not only OpenLDAP was the only open
> source directory server, but say inherent, multi-master replication
> wasn't available or didn't work well?
> I. e., cannot help if people are unfamiliar, and distributions don't
> get enough maintainers to port it. The first time someone sees AD
> Forest Trusts at work, they are instantly drawn to it. Heck, just the
> SSSD portion draws them.
I wouldn't say NSS/389/Dogtag has been widely adopted outside RedHat yet
- it very well might be an emerging technology but its not something
every sys admin needs to know. If its included  at an "awareness level"
then ok - but until it gets wide spread adoption, and mind share, I
can't agree that it should be covered in any more details. To be frank I
think there the coverage in 303 is overboard. BTRFS and ZFS should have
a much bigger weighting in the certs - but that is not relevant here :)

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