2016-09-19 12:36 GMT-04:00 Joel Levin <joel.aaron.le...@gmail.com>:
> "When running LSC, the OUs for the 'Stack' tier are created as long as the
> immediate child OU - i.e. 'Topic' -- does not share the same name."
> My apologies -- I meant to say the 'Topic' OU tier is created as long as it
> does not share same name as the parent OU (i.e. the 'Stack' tier).
> Any ideas on what I am missing?

LSC is not really designed to manage hierarchical data. Regarding your
issue, I think that LSC do a sub search in destination and finds a
Stack OU with the same name as the Topic OU, so as the entry seems to
exists, it does not create it.

To bypass this, you need to find a pivotAttribute that is unique is
the whole tree.

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