Hi All,

I was reviewing this draft as the Shepherd. It is a fairly simple and 
straightforward bis update to RFC7810 to fix an encoding error.

There is one point that I would like the authors and WG to consider. 

The draft in the appendix talks about two interpretations of the erroneous 
sub-TLVs and from the conversation on the list I get the impression that there 
are at least two implementations out there which did different interpretations. 
Do we want to consider putting in a suggestion (i.e. not normative perhaps) 
that implementations updated to this specifications accept the sub-TLV with the 
Reserved field included and size 5? So they don't consider such an encoding as 
error or malformed on reception?


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Hi Les, 
Yes - the Working Group Last call has completed. We'll find a shepherd and 
request publication.

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    WG chairs -
    Can we consider WG last call completed? (It has been more than 3 weeks...)
    Would really like to get this small but important correction published ASAP

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