Hello, folks,

we have submitted a new draft of  
https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-xie-lsr-isis-sr-vtn-mt-00 .

It is about Using IS-IS Multi-Topology (MT) for Segment Routing based Virtual 
Transport Network. Enhanced VPN (VPN+) as defined in I-D.ietf-teas-enhanced-vpn 
aims to provide enhanced VPN service to support some applications's needs of 
enhanced isolation and stringent performance requirements.  VPN+ requries 
integration between the overlay VPN and the underlay network.  A Virtual 
Transport Network (VTN) is a virtual network which consists of a subset of the 
network toplogy and network resources allocated from the underlay network.  A 
VTN could be used as the underlay for one or a group of VPN+ services. This 
document describes a simplified mechanism to build the SR based VTNs using IGP 
multi- topology together with other well-defined IS-IS extensions.

Comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.

Chongfeng Xie

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