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What witty art you do.
I love 'playing your library '

Professor Laura Czerniewicz
From: LT <> on behalf of Tim Schwartz 
Sent: Saturday, 09 November 2019 14:06:43
To: LT <>
Subject: [liberationtech] New Book on Disclosure and Anonymity

Hi All,

Tim Schwartz here. I’m a digital security educator and longtime lurker of this 
mailing list.

Over the last three years, I have been researching and writing a book on how 
people can safely disclose information to the press, lawyers, and the public – 
all while maintaining their anonymity. I interviewed many individuals for this 
book including folks from the Freedom of the Press Foundation, NSA 
whistleblowers, security experts, and whistleblower lawyers. I wrote A Public 
Service to give folks a better chance at disclosing information without being 
retaliated against or having their lives ruined.

I’d be happy to provide anyone on this list with a copy of the pre-publication 
PDF, just email me.

A bit more info on the book is here:

+1-213-259-3539 on Signal
@timatron on Wire or Keybase

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