I have been using ltb self-service password with an AD LDAP server for several 
years with no problems. Today, one of my users told me that he could not use 
the send token method to reset his password. He gets the email with a proper 
link and the page shows up as expected prompting him for a new password with 
his proper username displayed.  However, when he submits his new password, he 
gets a “password was refused by the LDAP directory” error message.  I verified 
this and also determined that the regular password change form has the same 
behavior. As I said, this has not been a problem for the 3 years I’ve been 
using the program.  To make this even more interesting, some users do not have 
this problem and can successfully set and change their passwords. 


First, has anyone seen this kind of thing, and what exactly does that 
particular error message mean? (I get what it means; I want to know what 
behavior triggers the message) Second, can anyone provide any tips on how I 
might go about troubleshooting this?






Gray McCord

Adapt, Mutate, Migrate, or Die

                                                          -C. Darwin

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