Asmo Koskinen kirjoitti:
> More news tomorrow :-)

We did it! Yes it works! But you all know that already, don't you :-)

0. I removed dhcp3-server from Edubuntu-server.

1. Our Windows-dhcp-server leases ip-numbers below 
Windows-server is

2. Our Edubuntu-server is

3. First TC is

3. These are options for first TC we added on the Windows-dhcp-server:

4. I run these ltsp-commands on the Edubuntu server in that order.


5. Before these ltsp-commands I did have login screen, but no access: 
"This workstations is not authorized to connect to the server"

6. After all everything in the TC works - Sound, USB-stick.

This screenshot is from working TC on my office from today:


Now we have so clean and simple office environment.

One Windows-dhcp-server
Lots of Windows XP machines
One Edubuntu-server
Lots of Thin Clients
Lots of Mozilla Firefox and programs all over office

And all lives happy together.

I once again thank you all good people at our community ( and 


Next week I'm going to finish this LTSP upgrading and write one more 
Wiki page in finnish.

Best Regards Asmo Koskinen

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