Brian Chee wrote:
I just got a question from a friend that's a super avid xbox gamer and is
trying to find an ISP that has spent a bit of time optimizing their network
paths to reduce hops and thusly latency to the mainland.

I vaguely remember that Tony Q. and the folks at LavaNET used to do this,
but is that gone now that the lavanet folks are gone? Is there any ISP's
left that actually optimize their networks? UH can get to SF within 50ms,
does anyone get those kinds of numbers on an ISP?

/brian chee



Net Enterprise on Bishop Street has many services. Call Fiona 441-5001. She is the accountant and ask her to give you any names she may have that could put you on the right track to this service. Some one in their tech department may know.

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