Thanks Brian!  You're always very helpful!  :)

No pricing / specifics on the site, but I'll contact them later.


On 11/06/2012 05:45 PM, Brian Chee wrote:
I use Qwest (now century link) for Interop.. Good stuff.

Brian chee

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From: Jeff Mings
Sent: 11/6/2012 5:19 PM
Subject: [LUAU] Asterisk SIP trunk provider?
Hi Guys!

      If any of you have ever wondered about setting up your own PBX /
phone system with Asterisk, try the Asterisk gui package.  I used the
canned versions for CentOS 6.3 and have been pleasantly surprised at how
well it works.  You'll still need to know a lot about SIP and various
phone network concepts, but it's vastly simpler than handwriting /
tweaking several Asterisk config files by hand.  It is probably about as
complicated as setting up a Talkswitch phone system.

      Has anyone here tried any of the SIP trunk providers?  There are
dozens to choose from, but I specifically want a short number of router
hops for Honolulu clients.


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