Hi Dave,

I completely agree with your statements. We set our goal. We need to
talk about how to achieve this goal and pursue this way. It makes
things rather difficult if we start to talk over the goal and
different ideas again and again.

The goal of LXDE is to keep things simple and fast. At the same time
LXDE offers just what many users need. Lets make a complete distro
based on this idea.

I think as the summer holidays is getting to an end we will see this
project becoming more active again and actually getting things done.

All the best,


On Fri, Aug 14, 2009 at 3:53 AM, dave slaughter<slaughter.d...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok, I realize that I have not been participating as  much as I should be, as
> I am one the eoriginal members of the Lubuntu Team, but there is a reason
> for this, and the recent posts have pointed it out, compelling me to post
> this.
> I was really happy and excited when more and more people started showing up,
> and joining the team to get this project really moving. But as time went on,
> more and more people were saying how this had to be "ultra light" and use
> "the least amount of resources", but it seems that the more ideas people
> had, the more they seem to have forgotten what the project started as,
> "Lubuntu", as in, an Ubuntu derivative, and  the goal was to have this
> become an official 'Buntu, which would mean it has to be noob friendly, and
> very easy to use, which means having things like GUI configuration tools,
> and an easy to use web browser, like Firefox. At one of the meetings someone
> said the update manager should not be included, and that users could just
> use the console to update, how would this be in line with the rest of the
> 'Buntu's? The goal of Ubuntu was to be very easy to use for the newest of
> users, and bring Linux to the masses, but at every meeting people were
> saying things like, "the user can install (insert basic program here) if
> they want it", or, "a gui tool to configure the desktop is not necessary  as
> you can just edit the config file". How would a new user know how to do
> this? We have to remember that we are not building a distro for the
> experienced, or even casual Linux user, we are build for the newest of
> users, the Ubuntu crowd, who have decided that they have heard so much good
> things about how easy it is to use, that they decided that maybe it was time
> to give Linux a try.
> I think we all need to remember what Ubutnu is, and really think about it,
> cause we are not building a distro for "us", we are building it for "them".
> And if it not as easy to use as all the rest of the Ubuntu's, Canonical will
> never let this be an official 'Buntu.

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