This is actually very possible to do though seeds.  Seeds are inherited,
so it is very possible to create a single seed that produces something
like this, or any other form of arrangement.  I choose not to initially
in the seed I made in part because it was the first one I did so I
needed to learn how to make one with something simple to start with,
because I thought that might initially further divide people into
subsets of Lubuntu rather than at least starting from a common view of
shared goals, and because I did not want to create any such decision or
specific divisions without any discussion or consensus existing for it
first.  But I had also been thinking of a division much like this.

Andrew Oakley wrote:
> On 14/08/2009, David Sugar <> wrote:
>> much said about keeping it very light, I absolutely agree lightweight
>> must NEVER mean shortchanging the user experience in the process.  I
> This is easily to reconcile.
> With Ubuntu Server, you get a choice of which groups of packages you'd
> like to install. So there's a CLI only install, there's a LAMP install
> etc.
> Why not use the same model for Lubuntu?
> Provide, say, three package groups:
> * A basic desktop-only install. I'd suggest some kind of GUI network
> connection manager, terminal, desktop settings configuration tool, and
> a GUI package manager tool (so you can install whatever other packages
> you like). Perhaps it might have a desktop icon to allow sudo users to
> easily install a variety of web browsers, office suites and other
> tools, perhaps also giving advice on minimum/recommended hardware
> requirements for each featured package.
> * A netbook install. Everything the "basic" install has got, plus, I'd
> suggest, Firefox, OpenOffice and Cheese (all netbooks have a webcam,
> we need to demonstrate that the webcam works), PLUS a netbook launcher
> interface.
> * A full-fat install. Everything that the "netbook" install has got,
> but no netbook launcher interface, and then all the packages that the
> normal Desktop Ubuntu install has got. Basically the whole Desktop
> Ubuntu but with LXDE. Some packages might have to be substituted if
> they rely heavily on Gnome.
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