To repond to the Gui interface for server.

I work daily as administrator, I have Ubuntu as internet/firewall server. I think its easier with gui interface like LXDE. Because if I do it in console I have to go to the forum again to get the instruction for the setup and all that stuff and ofcourse I always forget something like installing DHCP-server, maskirq something package in the apt. And I see alot of people with the same profession has the same problems.And there is allot of server with sort kind gui interface like PF-sense but its webbased its very good.As David said it the early mail to have soho server on a netbook. I had a situation where I needed a laptop to replace the email server. And its amaze me again how powerfull linux can be but the time to build up and finding other info costed me time. But in my opinion it will be nice to have LXDE on server edition with some programs and tutorials and sample to help out the daily problem. Even an average administrators with good scenarios doesnt always work out the problems in my cases specially newbies. A server on a flashdisk will be nice in critical situation. Just plug in start the pc and take over the network.

In a flash I remember article about Media Entertainment Server Geexbox... A server, you can listen to the music and watch tv channels like MythTv and if you have a tv tuner it will be great.. If I am correct you can do even videostreaming thru wirelles to other pc's at home... I guess its possible to install LXDE on the server so if you acces your server you will get LXDE on your pc or other gadget and do something with your files,printing or whatever its is just like in a Unix terminals in the 80's and 90's.Ltsp, David you talked about that I guess its something to do with it...

Thanks for reading,

Dallas Wiebelhaus wrote:
I agree with David. Also anyone who is performing these highly specialized installations is certainly going to have the knowledge required to open the command line and "sudo apt-get whatever gui or lack thereof" he/she wants.

n Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 1:26 PM, David Sugar < <>> wrote:

    I actually was not suggesting there should be such a remix.  I was
    suggesting however that one could potentially do this with mini-iso
    install by selecting them explicitly at install time if we have lxde
    desktop as a task in mini-iso.  And yes, one could do a server install
    and add lxde/lubuntu after.  It can in some cases be useful to have a
    local server gui console.  Another interesting scenario is ltsp.

    Mikhail Maksimov wrote:
    > Hello.
    > Just one thing I wanted to note: server GUI is a bad idea. If
    you want
    > server, you install server, if you want a workstation on low-grade
    > hardware, you install Lubuntu. If you have low-grade hardware to
    use as
    > a server, you definitely shouldn't be wasting the precious (and,
    oh, so
    > limited!) RAM and CPU resources on GUI instead of serving something.
    > If someone wants to have lubuntu desktop on server, there's
    always an
    > option of installing server then adding any desktop environment, or
    > maybe installing Lubuntu then switching to the server kernel. But I
    > think all the possible "mix" options should not be part of Lubuntu
    > installer, nor should there be a separate server+LXDE remix of
    > (Ubuntu?)
    > Regards!
    > Mikhail
    > PS If you don't like vi, you can use nano, it's part of the server
    > install and it is WYSIWIG.
    > On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 9:44 AM, Josef A. Beroeatwarin
    > < <>
    <>>> wrote:
    >     Hai everybody
    >     Hai I tested Lubuntu on my MSI wind U100, I am not a pro
    like you
    >     guys but I like to have my hands on it because I really
    believe lubuntu
    >     will be much better the Xubuntu. And of course I WANT to
    have a very
    >     lightweight linux on my netbook and PC.
    >     I am running on Ubuntu 9.10 remix  installed on my MSI Wind
    >     after I while I started with Apt to install LXDE....
    >     After running on LXDE I was satisfied and very optimistic
    that  it
    >     will be one  that  I am looking for.( after a lot of
     switching for
    >     linux to linux)
    >     Here are the problems on the MSI wind U100:
    >     * Filemanager Pcman  0.5.1 on the left windows are drives
    >     twice. if you click one of the with the same name you will
    get an
    >     error-message "Directory doesnt exist"
    >     * Wicd it a very nice looking piece but to bad, to while
    >     the the wirelles network (WEP) ofcourse it was validated but
    I got
    >     an error message "Connection failed:Unable get IP Adress"
    that was
    >     during the status "Obtaining IP address.
    >     * I have no sound I realize I have no mixer something like
    that so I
    >     dont know if its muting or not.
    >     * FN keys..... FN+F4 and FN+F5 is working very well,its for
    >     the back-light and  FN+F12 sleep mode is working but after
    >     its starting to sleep again and again after wakeup
    >     *My bluetooth is witched on with FN+F11 but no blue-tooth
    >     (sorry I forgot to listed with lsusb before installing
    ubuntu remix
    >     again)
    >     * Harddisk external and flashdisk is working very well.
    >     My Questions,request,Ideas,what I hope very soon or whatever
    it is.
    >     1. The Lubuntu in alpha stage on iso,when. Ofcourse
    everybody is busy.
    >     2. Lubuntu on flash disk image because there is alot of netbooks
    >     without CD or DVD.
    >     3. Sometimes I got netbook that has an SDcard as HDA is it
    >     compatible with it ?
    >     4. I think Lubuntu will be great for creating server from
    old PC's
    >     with GUI interface instead having console at from your nose and
    >     doing that Vi thing.Maybe is there somebody can make a server
    >     edition. While installing you can choose what of kind of
    server do
    >     you want to install.
    >     5. And nice front-end for backup that can make image of the
    >     6. Do you guys think that thunderbird and firefox take of
    >     sources especially nower days there is allot of websites
    based on
    >     flash  like  farmville it make even windows xp slow.
    >     7. What is the other syntax like dmesg and lsusb that I can
    use to
    >     get info out of my toys and to send to you guys.
    >     8. Last thing that I want to say is.. I am sorry for
    starting asking
    >     allot of questions even the alpha  is not out yet...
    >     Well guys thats it... I hope its enough for the input.....
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