Hi again,

* So filemanager will be rewritten well its great.

*About the FN keys. I tested in ubuntu's Karmic koala with the FN+F12 sleep mode.. I had no problem with that... only the funny thing was I realize the backlight was not flickering in LXDE like G-NOME.

*About Wicd I made a bug report.
The status is

Affects: wicd
    Importance: Undecided
        Status: New

*About server with GUI ofcourse different opinion is for me no problem :-) In fact I believe differ ence make people closer
and get better point of the situation..

* About the mixer yes keep it only on the imporant channels like main channel.

* SD card on HDA, I read about it on the launchpad, blueprint the link was sended by David. Its ok but It possible that more of the SD card on hda will come out maybe with the ARM processors to get cheaper netbook. Its a big job and I have no capacity to join and fixing the problem... I learn Java and C but I left it behind because i am more a player than a creator... So 2 thumbs up the programmers that will fix it.....


Julien Lavergne wrote:

Thanks for your feedback, let me try to answer some of your
questions/ideas :

* Filemanager Pcman 0.5.1 on the left windows are drives displayed twice. if you click one of the with the same name you will get an error-message "Directory doesnt exist"
Pcmanfm will be rewrite for the next release, it will be interesting to
test this on the next release, as version 0.5.X is not developed
* Wicd it a very nice looking piece but to bad, to while connection the the wirelles network (WEP) ofcourse it was validated but I got an error message "Connection failed:Unable get IP Adress" that was during the status "Obtaining IP address.
It's more a bug on wicd than on Lubuntu itself. You should report a bug
on the package.

* I have no sound I realize I have no mixer something like that so I dont know if its muting or not.
Lubuntu will have a volume applet by default, to be able to change your
sound more easily. I don't think we need a real mixer (with all channels
configuration), most of people just want to manage the main channel.

* FN keys..... FN+F4 and FN+F5 is working very well,its for dimming the back-light and FN+F12 sleep mode is working but after wakeup its starting to sleep again and again after wakeup *My bluetooth is witched on with FN+F11 but no blue-tooth detected (sorry I forgot to listed with lsusb before installing ubuntu remix again)

Do you test this with Ubuntu, or another variant ? It could be a problem
in general in Ubuntu, not only Lubuntu.

My Questions,request,Ideas,what I hope very soon or whatever it is.

1. The Lubuntu in alpha stage on iso,when. Ofcourse everybody is busy.
Next week for an alpha 1, if I manage to build one correctly :)

2. Lubuntu on flash disk image because there is alot of netbooks without CD or DVD.
If you have an iso, you can create an img for flash disk. I'll do it if
I'm not too lazy :)

3. Sometimes I got netbook that has an SDcard as HDA is it compatible with it ?
Sure, but as David said, maybe not optimized yet.

4. I think Lubuntu will be great for creating server from old PC's with GUI interface instead having console at from your nose and doing that Vi thing.Maybe is there somebody can make a server edition. While installing you can choose what of kind of server do you want to install.
Well, I personally think that server with GUI is a bad idea, but it's
just personal opinion :)

5. And nice front-end for backup that can make image of the drives.
6. Do you guys think that thunderbird and firefox take of computer sources especially nower days there is allot of websites based on flash like farmville it make even windows xp slow.
Firefox is still on Lubuntu, but maybe not for too long :)

7. What is the other syntax like dmesg and lsusb that I can use to get info out of my toys and to send to you guys.
lspci or a graphical tool like hardinfo

8. Last thing that I want to say is.. I am sorry for starting asking allot of questions even the alpha is not out yet...
It's very good to have feedback from user :)

Julien Lavergne

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