Thanks for testing.

Le jeudi 25 février 2010 à 01:49 +0300, Mike Nokel a écrit :
>         Hello, everyone.
> I have been testing this iso for a week now. I have added Julien
> Lavergne's PPA. Everything is working good enough, 
Generally, adding my PPA is quite dangerous :) I made many changes for
testing, sometimes really unstable :) When I have something stable, I
put it in the Lubuntu PPA instead (or in the Ubuntu repo directly).

> except 4 things:
> 1) pcmanfm2. It crashes almost everytime I've opened it. No auto-mount
> at all and even no mount. I can't mount any USB-drive at all. May be
> someone can help me?
The new pcmanfm2 seems really sensitive to incorrect config files. It
also crashed when "showing hidden" is enable. 

> When I create symlinks to the Desktop, they don't work.
Symlinks are also not implemented yet on pcmanfm2.

> 2) unreadahead gives me a lot of errors during startup.
Do you have the same with a Ubuntu live-cd ?

> 3) fskbsetting after installation (I think it should be included by
> default) gives me segmentation fault and won't work. So I can't switch
> from US to any other language using lxpanel-plugin.
Where do you find the fskbsetting ?

Julien Lavergne

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