Thanks for the test.

Le mercredi 17 février 2010 à 19:20 +0300, Mike Nokel a écrit :
>         Hi.
> I have found some time to install it on my computer. In general,
> everything looks and works perfectly. However, there are some
> problems:
> 1) by default, there is no keyboard layout controller on the panel. I
> think, that it should be there. A lot of people uses it in everyday's
> life.
I don't think people change the layout of their keyboard very often.
However, there is no easy way to configure this behavior.

> 2) as for battery monitor on the panel: it should be visible by
> default. This empty space looks really strange.
It's a bug in gnome-power-manager.

> 3) there is still pcmanfm 0.5.2, not pcmanfm2(
In progress.

> 4) you have included "osmo" as a default program. My friends and me
> haven't heard about this program before. And in everyday life may be
> it is not so necessary to be included, I think.
It's something to deal with calendar, tasks, contacts etc ... It could
be useful for a bunch of people.

> 5) without installing packages "xscreensaver-gl",
> "xscreensaver-gl-extra", "xscreensaver-data-extra" I see a lot of
> error messages telling me that there is no directory
> "/usr/share/backgrounds". It is annoying.
I know, It's also annoying for me. I fixed it before, last upload
re-introduce the bug.

> 6) when I launch lxterminal, appeared the window without any string
> like this: "ubu...@ubuntu:~/". But when you hit any key on the
> keyboard it appears unexpectably.
I can't reproduce the problem. you should report a bug under lxterminal.

> 7) some buttons such as "OK", "Cancel" just don't work (only hitting
> "Close Window" helped me to close the windows). It is so when you are
> configuring panel for example.
Please report bugs under programs which are affected, with the exact
windows affected.

> 8) you have used LXDM as a login manager. It is perfect, but it has
> serious problems:
>      - when I enable autologin on it, I just can't switch my keyboard
> layout by hitting on the applet on the panel. Only typing "sudo
> lxpanelctl restart" helped me.
>      - there is no gui-program to configure LXDM yet. For a lot of
> people it will be hard to understand what do if they want enable
> "autologin" or so on.
For now, nothing exist, even upstream. It's something on the TODO list
but siomeone need to code it. See bug

>      - using LXDM I can't modify PATH variable (even modifying
> file /etc/profile), so I can't play any games using menu
> (Menu->Games->...). It won't work.
> 9) sound card by default doesn't work. So, I have gone to
>, downloaded the latest driver, lib and utils,
> installed it. Run "sudo alsaconf" and after reboot I heart the sound.
It's an alsa bug, not specific to Lubuntu. I think alsa was updated
recently on Lucid, maybe it will be fixed for the next update.

> 10) I've got ati radeon 4670 video, but when I tried to install
> "xorg-driver-fglrx", it tells me that he wants to remove xorg with all
> its dependencies. Strange behaviour. So, I have only poor 3D now(
Surely a temporary problem, Lubuntu is still based on Lucid, which is
unstable :)

> 11) I've tried to install fskbsetting. But when launching it gives me
> "segmentation fault". I don't know why.
You should report a bug on this package.

> 12) May be there should be some games, at least some gnome-games?
gnome-games have too much depends on gnome stuff. If you have other idea
for little games, maybe :)

Julien Lavergne

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