Thanks for the test.

Le vendredi 26 février 2010 à 16:38 +0100, Leszek Lesner a écrit :
> - Boot Screen of the LiveCD is not fully localized (the first two entries Try 
> Lubuntu and Install Lubuntu) (misses on the Bug Repot Testing Page) 
Added to the TODO list

> - Borderless windows (like the small mixer window that appears after clicking 
> the soundpanel applet) have borders (that allows them to even close the 
> soundpanel applet and it won't open up again) 
Should be a bug in gtk, there is many borders windows which appears with
recent gtk uploads on Ubuntu. Last upload (not included in the alpha)
may contain a fix.

> - clicking on the trash icon in pcmanfm2 gives an error message ("operation 
> not supported") (moved files won't show up)
Added to the bug report page for pcmanfm2

> - pcmanfm2 after open folder as root : it opens up but is missing the warning 
> that you are working with root rights now
Added to the bug report page for pcmanfm2

> - applications:/// is not working (I know it is still work in progress)
Added to the bug report page for pcmanfm2, it's only the case when
pcmanfm2 is autostarted.

> - Are the PATHs alright ? Trying to run arp -a as user gives me an error that 
> it is in /usr/sbin and /usr/sbin is not in path. (It wasn't there before in 
> ubuntu. Did they change/fixed there security policy ?)
PATH is not set correctly with lxdm, I'm working on a fix.

> - pcmanfm2 misses translation (I know is still coming but I don't want to not 
> mention it so that we don't forget about this)
Added to the bug report page for pcmanfm2

> - same for gnumeric
Generaly, we need to begin to follow (and fix) translation of other
packages installed by default on Lubuntu.

> - pcmanfm2 desktop creating new document or folder does not work
Added to the bug report page for pcmanfm2

> - pcmanfm2 still misses to lighten up font color and icon if you choose to 
> cut 
> out a file (only a optical glitch)
Added to the bug report page for pcmanfm2

> -pcmanfm2 sorting files and folders(particullary ascending and descending) 
> does not work in every view or sometimes simply does nothing (seems not 
> reproducable but happens unoccasionaly)
Added to the bug report page for pcmanfm2

> - pcmanfm2: A problem I have with detailed list view is that I cannot access 
> easily the properties of the current open folder. If you have a folder with 
> lots of files you are not able to rightclick on a free space. The only 
> solution press go up and right click the folder you where in to get to the 
> properties. Possible solution: Create a folder icon in front of the adressbar 
> and make it useable like a normal icon folder (drag n drop, right click etc.)
Added to the bug report page for pcmanfm2

> These are the bugs I noticed so far in a quick 15 minute test. 
> One big feature request for pcmanfm2 (future releases not crucial to this 
> lubuntu release):
> Add a right click submenu that opens up the folder content when hovering. 
> This 
> is a very nice feature that was originally integrated in BeOS and would make 
> working on desktop and in folders amazingly fast. 
> Here a screenshot: 
Added to the bug report page for pcmanfm2 (as feature request)

Julien Lavergne

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