Hi all,
After Marty Jack did a great job on reworking the logout mechanism and
make a new release, I'd like to do more.
I just add support shell expansion support to lxsession. Commands in
autostart file now can contain environment variables. This is done
with wordexp() provided in glibc.

Here are other plans:
1. I want to rename the file autostart to session to better indicate
its use, defining application set of the desktop session. This is not
the right place for users to add their autostart programs. Instead
they should use ~/.config/autostart.

2.the format might be changed slightly.
By default the session file is /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/session, but if
the users really need to customize it, they can use
~/.config/lxsession/LXDE/session to do their own customization.
For example, to turn off lxpanel, they can write this in their
user-custom session file.
!lxpanel --profile LXDE
The ! can negate the default apps defined in system-wide session file
and inhibit them.

3.The config values in desktop.conf from /etc and ~/.config should be
merged on a per-key basis so when a value is not in user config file,
default should be obtained from system-wide config file.

4. The buttons in lxsession-logout need some rework. Current ones
looks weird. The buttons are very wide, but only few text plus a small
icon on it. Maybe two rows of buttons will be better.

Before I start anything, any suggestions or comments?

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