This makes sense.
Since we're not in Ubuntu family, there is no need to follow ubuntu schedule.
Let's take the time and make a good release rather than do things in a hurry.
Another benefit for the delay I found:
After ubuntu 10.04 release, there must be tons of bugs found. This is
So, when we release, many bugs should have been fixed then we can make
a more stable release, isn't it?.

On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 4:21 PM, Jo Gerb <> wrote:
> i think because we are not in the ubuntu-family yet we dont have to bring a
> beta2 when ubuntu releases one. We should take the time, include some more
> programs (such as games) and release it when its ready. Even if the first
> lubuntu is not an official *buntu, it should be a great, well tested distro.
> In my opinion, we dont have to follow the canonical timetable that strict.
> Best regards, Jo.
> 2010/4/11 PCMan <>
>> Ubuntu beta 2 just came out.
>> So when will we have Lubuntu 10.04 beta 2?
>> Before releasing beta 2, please get the hotest pcmanfm2 and libfm from
>> git since there are some important fixes.
>> It's a pity that Lubuntu didn't enter Ubuntu family this time, but
>> we'll be ready at the time of 10.10.
>> At that time, our google summer of code projects should be finished so
>> things are going to be improved.
>> In addition, as upower and udisks now have stable releases, it's time
>> to support them and provide better user experience.
>> In the past we always rushed to make new releases for LXDE components
>> to test new features.
>> Now as the projects grows and more and more people are using it, we
>> need to meet the quality requirement of being a major desktop
>> environment.
>> So a delay to release new components is sometimes better than to
>> release a buggy one.
>> Let wait and see what will happen at the time of 10.10.
>> I bet it will be the best Lubuntu release ever.
>> Cheers!
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