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Hello all,

I've spotted what appears to be a bug in the installer that can be run from the Live CD desktop environment if one chooses "Try Lubuntu without installing" from the main menu. Or the problem could be in the desktop environment itself. It is such a fringe case, though, that I am not sure if it is worth pursuing. It is 100% reproducible on this hardware.

The system is one I have scraped together while I am stuck in Italy. I plan to use it for testing, as I have a more powerful laptop at my disposal. The system is a home built PC based on a 440BX motherboard, and it has a French keyboard.

To produce the error:

1. Boot the Lubuntu Lucid Beta 3 Live CD
2. Accept the default language, English, from the boot menu
3. Press F3 and select "France" for the keymap
4. Choose the "Try Lubuntu without installing" from the primary boot menu
5. At the desktop, start the installer
6. On the keyboard selection screen of the installer (step 3) the installer guesses "France - Alternative"
7. Press the radio button for "Choose your own"
8. Select "France" from the right-hand window list
9. Try typing text in the test field; the keyboard produces no output
10. Open leafpad or LXTerminal; still no output from the keyboard
11. Quit the installer and restart the system from the "Logoff" menu item; the CD ejects, but the system does not restart.

Later steps in installation will require the keyboard, I assume, so at this point installation has failed.

Note: if leafpad or LXTerminal is used prior to starting the installer, then the problem does not occur. Text appears in these apps. Once the installer is started, text appears in the test field of step 3,

1. Do not use F3 to choose a keymap; or
2. Open leafpad or another text-input app, type something, then start the installer.

So, is this important enough for a formal bug report? Should I try the Ubuntu Lucid Beta to see if the problem occurs there also?

Your comments appreciated,

There have been a couple of 'strange' language problems, involving French & English, noticed by Phillw and myself, on Beta 2. I would try it with Ubuntu if you can, but I suspect it is the way the Lubuntu ISO is set up. I have reported a bug where all the languages (139) are installed to the hard drive. I think it is worth reporting anyway as anything that messes up the install could mean one less user.
Steve (Yorvyk)

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